7 de febrero de 2010


Olsenboye is the Olsen twins' new affordable collection for JC Penney, inspired by the most wonderful cities in the world, which -in their own words- offers stylish options allowing customers to express themselves and celebrate their journey through life with fashion.

Here's the interview for Good Morning America, in which they were much more chatty than usual and talked through the collection showing the main outfits (picture below) and explaining the philosophy behind their newest project. Of course, both looking fabulous as always.

Spring 2010, inspired in their beloved NYC

I, personally, don't love it, since - I'm not a teenager anymore -unfortunately- and relate much more to their Elizabeth and James and The Row brands.

To see all their clothes go to olsenboye.com!

Pics via olsenlove.org

2 comentarios:

  1. Hola! Me pasa lo mismo, no me copa mucho, pero si coincido con lo que dicen, que hay algunas prendas que son mas basicas y por ende, mas 'usables' (no solo para adolescentes).
    No te dieron ganas de que baje la temperatura rotundamente despues de ver lo que tiene puesto MK?

    Gracias por pasar por el blog :)

  2. a veces no logro distinguirlas por completo, pero amo el outfit con el tapado azul!